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We use this to figure out how many years you have left to save before retiring.

Based on your age, your current state pension would become available when you are around years old. You can find out if you're able to receive the state pension by visiting: www.gov.uk/state-pension/eligibility

Based on your current age you could be eligible for State pension. You can find out more by visiting: www.gov.uk/state-pension/eligibility

In the UK, there are slight changes to your state pension based on whether you're male or female, depending on when you were born. We also use this information to estimate your pension income requirements based on an average life expectancy. If you choose 'non-binary' or 'prefer not to say', then we will calculate your information with data using the greatest average life expectancy. This is only an estimate to help reduce the risk that your pension figure isn't over-estimated.

years time
Your retirement age exceeds your life expectancy of
While you're able to retire at any age you want, you won't be able to withdraw from your Wealthify Pension until you're 55 (from 2028 this minimum age will change to 57). If you're planning on retiring sooner than this, you'll need to arrange another source of income to fill the gap.

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